Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura, quaint fishing village, with a regular chessboard structure, it lies on a plateau of rock in front of the Strait of Bonifacio, it is the nearest strip of Sardinian land to Corsica. Once there stood a small town called Longonis, perhaps from the name of the natural and deep bay (the harbour) named Longosardo. Today it is a very popular tourist destination, the port is the largest and most welcoming natural landing of Sardinia, with about 700 berths. It is sheltered from all winds and immersed in an environment that is unequaled. Its strategic proximity to the beautiful archipelago of La Maddalena, the Costa Smeralda and Corsica islands.

The municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura has an enviable record with its 48 km of coastline and more than 7 km of white sandy beaches, its particular vegetation, clear blue sea with its incredible colours which range from turquoise to emerald, embellished with granite rocks of the strangest forms, the innumerable large and small beaches all connected by paths and the presence of an enviable microclimate make the area deserve to be visited all year round, both in cool winter and breezy summer.


In addition to the famous beach of the Rena Bianca located in the centre of the town and for many years owns the international award-winning Blue Flag award, within ten kilometres distance we can find other beautiful places and beaches to necessarily visit during your stay areCapo testa and the Marmorata ( 3 Km ), Rena Majore and Valle dell’Erica ( 5 Km ), Port Pozzo ( 7 Km ) and San Pasquale – The Sciumara (11km).

Capo Testa It is characterized by long white sandy beaches and many sheltered and secluded coves, it has an unusual and extraordinary charm that can be fully enjoyed especially in the early morning or at the end of the day, when the sun has not yet erased the wonderful colours of the pristine sea.

Do not miss the tall granite formations that fall to the sea creating suggestive coves reachable mainly by sea. Capo Testa, a famous surfing paradise, for divers and sailors, it is inviting even for simple seabed exploration lovers with mask and snorkel, whether they are adults or children. The sea amazes for its purity, clarity and colour of its spectacular emerald waters. Unique and particularly impressive is the fragrance that is felt in the air due to the heavy presence of myrtle, rosemary, juniper trees which create a lush Mediterranean vegetation.